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SpoofGoof offers an exciting and fun way to send personalized video greetings to your friends and family using cutting edge video technology with the bonus of a video greeting from a celebrity impersonator or tribute artist!
We started SpoofGoof to offer individuals a fun, more personalized way to deliver greetings for birthdays, holidays, congratulations, and other special events. With the explosion of video content on TikTok, YouTube, and other social media outlets, the use of video has become mainstream.
To meet our objectives, we focused on the following core concepts:

• Celebrity identification: the influence of celebrities in our society is undeniable and adds great value to a SpoofGoof video

• Personalization: the recipient of a personalized gift or greeting appreciates the thoughtfulness of the sender

• Simple, fast and technical: creating a SpoofGoof video is super easy and the technology behind the scenes is the secret sauce

• Affordable: the cost of sending a SpoofGoof personalized video needed to be affordable but with great personal value

We believe in having fun with business and personal time. We hope you have fun as well with SpoofGoof!

Personalized video greetings with a celebrity twist!

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